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Diversity in Plays and Monologues - previously carried out at Soho Rep (New York, USA) and Central School of Speech and Drama (London, UK). 

Explore a variety of published and unpublished scripts written by black British playwrights and produced on British stages during the 50s, 60s and 70s by participating in this fun, informative and interactive five-day course.

During this course, participants will explore ground-breaking plays written during the most influential time in black British play history and will have the opportunity to read plays that vary in themes, characters, language and accents. Through the use of recorded video and audio footage, participants will gain an insight into the history of black British theatre including the birth of black theatre companies and the many celebrated Caribbean and African actors and practitioners, who helped to lay the foundation for black British contemporary writers, performers and directors. In the last day of the course participants will perform a showing of extracts.


Auditions to Stage: How to Succeed as a Culturally Diverse Stage Actor
- previously presented at Surviving Actors Conference

​At a time where diversity is at the forefront of discussion across the industry, in this seminar Simeilia Hodge-Dallaway explores the challenges as well as new avenues for upcoming culturally diverse actors to flourish. Drawing on her experience troubleshooting and project managing the National Theatre: Black Play Archive, editing monologue anthologies, directing, casting and producing plays for a wide range of theatres across the UK and internationally as well as producing BTC showcases. This informative, fun and interactive seminar will provide actors with an insight into the plays, writers and companies that they should be aware of as they journey on the road to success. This seminar features a special guest actor. 

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I attended the 'Diversity in plays and monologue' course at Central School of Speech and Drama, I learnt that dialect and accents can change when in another country or state. Also, my knowledge expanded on black culture. For example, I now know that Windrush took place in June 1948. I really enjoyed the course as a whole. When I first heard about this trip, I was hesitant about going, because I find Drama as a subject incredibly hard, so I thought that the course would be too complicated, but I was surprised to see that I understood the work thoroughly.”

— GCSE Student

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